Saturday, November 01, 2014
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Two CUPE Socials Coming Soon

Dear Brothers and Sisters

The Social Committee has been working hard on your behalf for the last 2 months on the annual Fall Dance (Friday November 28, 2014) and the newly added Winter Event at the CNE (Sunday November, 30**).

We hope that you will support us for these events.
Attached please find registration forms for both events.
There are limited numbers of tickets for the Dance but not for the Winter Event.
Deadline for registration/ticket sales are November 14, 2014

In Solidarity

The Social Committee,

Daniela Venturin

Fiona Roche

Lina DiRienzo

Patti Chapman

Lina Naccarato


OSBCC Bargaining Update No.5

The bargaining team has now met twice with the “management team,” which is composed of trustee associations and staff from the Ministry of Education. The focus of our meetings was on establishing terms of reference, or ground rules, for negotiations.

To read more please 

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CUPE Connections October 2014 Issue

The lastest issue of CUPE Connections is here.

To read articles from your President, VPs and Committee Chairs. 

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Information Update

Information Update: 

     In an effort to expedite the Short Term Leave and Disability Plan Payment Program, members who utilized their 11 personal sick days which are payable at 100 % will be eligible to apply for further additional personal sick days at 90 %.

     Members will receive a letter post using your 11 personal sick days from the Benefits Department and the application form will be attached for members to fill out. Sections A and B on the form will ease the process for members applying for intermittent absences.

     Members who have rolled over top up days in this calendar year will automatically receive 100 % if their absences are approved at 90 %. Additional application forms will be available for members on the Board’s Intranet site under Human Resources-Benefits.

     This application form will also be available on the ESS (Employee Self Serve) in the near future. Ongoing or chronic illnesses will continue to be managed through the Benefits department via the third party adjudicator, Manulife.

     Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the union office for assistance at 416 512-9493.


Fred Hahn Video

A Message from CUPE Ontario 

Fred Hahn - Go Vote! Municipal and School Board Elections

Video Link

Website Link


General Membership Meeting


General Membership Meeting

Tuesday October 28th 2014
6:00 PM

Bishop Morrocco/ Thomas Merton (auditorium)

1515 Bloor Street West
(at Dundas West subway station)

Bring your union card


  1. Prayer
  2. Regular Business
  3. Motions:
  • That the Local send $1/member to CUPE 4400 for the Winter Event at the CNE on November 30, 2014.
  • That the Local purchase a 2 year pocket planner for the Local.
  • That the Local purchase a table for the Angel Foundation Gala on November 14, 2014 and eight tickets will be raffled at this GMM.
  • Elections: Trustee's Position - 1 position for 2 year
  • Any Other Business
  • 50/50 tickets for Angel Foundation draw and tickets

September SBESS Sectional Meeting

SBESS Sectional Meeting

Catholic Teachers Centre
on 3rd Floor at CEC
80 Sheppard Ave east,
North York, ON M2N 6E8
Tuesday September 16th 2014 at 6:00 PM


1. Regular Business
2. re-do of Election of 8 Stewards (for only those who ran at the last Sectional meeting in June of 2014)
3. SBESS Negotiations Proposals & Adoption
4. Any other business
5. Angel foundation 50/50 draw



OCT Sectional Meeting Notice

Date and Time

Wednesday June 11th 2014 at 6:00 PM

St Timothy Elementary School (Library)

25 Rochelle Cres

Toronto, ON


Regular Business

Steward Elections

Any other business

Angel Foundation 50/50 Draw


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  • Income-splitting unfair no matter how you dress it up

    OTTAWA – Stephen Harper’s announcement today does nothing to change the basic truth about his government’s income-splitting proposal. The plan is unfair and benefits primarily a small minority of the richest Canadian families.

    Income-splitting is such bad policy that even the Conservatives’ traditional allies have panned the proposal. The right-leaning CD Howe Institute has stated that it is bad economic policy and bad social policy, while Harper’s own former finance minister, Jim Flaherty, criticized it for benefiting only the small minority of the richest Canadians who least need a tax cut. In fact, 86 per cent of Canadian families will see no benefit at all from income-splitting. Painted as part of the Conservatives’ family agenda, along with the inadequate Universal Child Care Benefit, the proposal does nothing to address the pressing crisis most families face trying to find affordable child care.

    “No matter how it’s dressed up, income-splitting is bad policy. It doesn’t help Canadian families. Instead it just increases income inequality in Canada,” said Paul Moist, CUPE National President.  “What Canadian families need is a universal child care program.  Access to quality, affordable child care is the fair solution.  It is vital for our children, and it helps families work and study while keeping the wheels of our economy running smoothly.”

    While the Conservatives are happy to simply tweak proposals that benefit a small minority of the richest Canadians, the NDP has proposed a $15-a-day child care plan that will provide a million child care spaces across the country and ease the child care crisis for all Canadian families.

    For more information:

    Willy Blomme, CUPE Media Relations

  • Townhall meeting: North Battleford P3 hospital

    Health care workers in the Prairie North Health Authority are growing more concerned about the New Sask. Hospital, which is being built as a public-private partnership.

    In order to learn about some of the issues associated with P3 hospitals, CUPE and the Council of Canadians have organized a town hall meeting on October 22 to discuss the possible impacts of the new P3 hospital.

    When: October 22 at 7:00 pm

    Where: Dekker Centre, 623 Carlton Trail, North Battleford


    Maude Barlow, author of Profit Is Not the Cure: A Citizen’s Guide to Saving Medicare and Chairperson of the Council of Canadians

    Paul Moist, National President of CUPE

    Simon Enoch, Director of the Saskatchewan Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

    Len Taylor, former MLA

  • Bill 3 on Pension Plans: Union Coalition Holds Major Meeting and Demonstration in Montréal

    More than 1,000 representatives of the Coalition syndicale pour la libre négociation [Union Coalition for Free Negotiation] gathered this past Thursday at the Montreal Convention Centre to adopt a mobilization plan. The plan confirmed that a “Grand Dérangement,” or 24-hour work stoppage, would take place within the next few weeks along with a series of demonstrations.

    After the meeting, the attendees made their way over to demonstrate outside of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel on René-Lévesque Boulevard West from 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The hotel was hosting the “Grand forum pour de nouveaux partenariats” [Major Forum for New Partnerships] organized by the Institute for Public-Private Partnerships and the Union of Quebec Municipalities. Numerous representatives of the Couillard government and municipal officials were in attendance at that event along with representatives of major companies and firms. As a reminder to the event guests, the approximately 2,000 demonstrators with the Coalition chanted their slogan, “On n’a rien volé (nous)” (“We aren’t the ones who stole”).

    “Municipal workers are rallying en masse against a government that is shooting in the dark at everything that moves,” explained Coalition spokesperson Marc Ranger. “Despite all the solutions and compromises we have adopted and proposed, no substantial changes have been made to Bill 3. No effort has been made all this time to allow for real negotiations.”

    “Like a lot of people in Quebec these days, municipal workers are having a hard time getting the Liberal government to listen to them,” stated Paulin Aubé of the FPMQ, Ronald Martin of the APM and RAPQ, Yves Francoeur of the FPPM, Denis Marcoux of the FEESP-CSN and Jean Gagnon of the FISA. “And so we’re moving on to the next action phase. Our intention is to cause as little disruption as possible for the general public and as much as possible for those who are trying to take away our pension plans.”

    The morning meeting also provided an opportunity to share information on upcoming legal disputes. The participants also passed a resolution supporting Ronald Martin and other municipal workers in Montréal targeted by sanctions.

    The Coalition comprises more than 65,000 members including white and blue-collar workers, firefighters, police officers, professionals and public transportation employees. It represents virtually all unionized municipal employees in Quebec. Its detailed platform is available online at

    The Coalition consists of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE-Quebec) and its Municipal Sector Provincial Council as well as its ground transport sector, the Fédération des employées et employés de services publics (FEESP-CSN), the Fédération indépendante des syndicats autonomes (FISA), the Fédération des policiers et policières municipaux du Québec, the Fraternité des policiers et policières de Montréal, the Association des pompiers de Montréal, the Regroupement des associations de pompiers du Québec and the Syndicat des pompiers et pompières du Québec – FTQ.

  • CUPE applauds the NDP’s child care plan

    OTTAWA, ON – The Canadian Union of Public Employees welcomes the NDP’s child care plan as good news for all Canadians. Quality, affordable child care is vital for children, but also for parents, communities and our economy. The NDP is the only party showing leadership on child care.

    Today young families are squeezed on all sides, with mothers and fathers forced to work harder and longer than their parents.

    “The NDP’s child care plan is good news for all Canadians,” said Paul Moist, CUPE’s national president.  “Access to quality, affordable child care is vital for our children, and helps families work and study while keeping the wheels of our economy running smoothly.

    CUPE’s child care workers and early childhood educators know first hand the difference that quality child care makes in the lives of children and their families. Parents can better balance work and family if they can be confident that their children are safe, thriving and happy.”

    The NDP’s plan will make a huge difference in the lives of families today and is the key first step on the road to publicly delivered child care.