Executive Committee

For questions or concerns regarding your Collective Agreement or treatment at work, please click here to contact one of your unit Stewards – your first point of contact.

Representative Position Mobile Email
Lina Naccarato President (416) 550-0308 lina.naccarato@cupelocal1328.ca
Kimberly MacMichael Recording Secretary (416) 550-1210 kimberly.macmichael@cupelocal1328.ca
Joanne Maieron Membership Secretary (416) 795-6607 joanne.maieron@cupelocal1328.ca
Sylvester Domanski Adult ESL Vice President (416) 200-8723 sylvester.domanski@cupelocal1328.ca
Dominika Naporowski ESL Nursery Vice President (647) 282-6091 dominika.naporowski@cupelocal1328.ca
Lucy Pagano Acting OCT Vice President (416) 833-2516 lucy.pagano@cupelocal1328.ca
Daniela Venturin SBESS Vice President (416) 550-0314 daniela.venturin@cupelocal1328.ca
Lena Morra SSSS Vice President (416) 820-0166 lena.morra@cupelocal1328.ca
Denny Estrela Acting Grievance Officer (416) 550-0309 denny.estrela@cupelocal1328.ca
Jeanine Amaral Treasurer (416) 849-3458 jeanine.amaral@cupelocal1328.ca