If you have any questions or concerns about your Collective Agreement or treatment at work, your unit Steward is your first point of contact and can assist you regarding issues in your workplace.  To review your Collective Agreement, please click here.


OCT (Office, Clerical and Technical)

Representative Location Phone Email
Veena D’Costa Monsignor Percy Johnson  (416) 393-5535
Lina Di Rienzo  CEC  (416) 222-8282 x. 2545 
Bonnie Moore 


St. Cyril – M/Tues/Wed(am)

St. Antoine Daniel – Wed(pm)/Thurs/Fri

(416) 393-5270

(416) 393-5339


Lucy Pagano  Holy Child  (416) 393-5433
Sandra Robinson  Our Lady of Fatima  (416) 393-5252
Julia Timson  Chaminade College (416) 393-5509

SBESS (School Based Educational Support Staff)

Representative Location Phone Email
Mary Cummings Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton (416) 393-5545
Denny Estrela  Marshall McLuhan (416) 393-5561
Cindy Freitas  O L of Lourdes (416) 393-5221
Gemma Hypolite  St. Helen (416) 393-5208 
Christine Moniz  St. Anselm (416) 393-5243
Mary Miele  St Mark (416) 393-5332
Stella Wischer St Elizabeth (416) 393-5278
Antoniette Vaccaro Michael Power/St Joseph (416) 393-5529

Adult ESL Instructors

Representative Location Phone Email
Lisa MacIsaac Msgr Fraser (Midland Centre) (416) 397-6133
Maureen Stewart Eglinton LINC (416) 397-6196

ESL Nursery Instructors

Representative Location Phone Email
Shotan Ghokasian Eglinton LINC & ESL (416) 397-6626

SSSS (Supervisors of Students/Secondary Schools)

Representative Location Phone Email
MariaCristina Gencarelli Msgr Fraser (Norfinch) (416) 393-5558
Rick Guglietti Marshall McLuhan (416) 393-5561